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Trump’s Involvements In Golf

Trump has taken time and money to brand himself as a man of golf. He owns several golf clubs and spends time to golf with members of those clubs. 

He owns close to 17 golf clubs all over the world. And he loves visiting them for some time off. Despite having the world’s toughest job, he finds time to run off to one of his serene clubs. He has been criticized for spending so much time golfing when there are more serious matters to be attended to. However, no one can fault the president for taking time to unwind and relax and touch base with his ideas after days and weeks of facing reporters and politicians. 

In his first four months in office, he attended a golf course close to 25 times. He went to a golf course just 2 weeks after he was inaugurated, which is a sharp contrast to Obama’s 4 month hiatus from the golf course after inauguration. President Bush took 5 and a half months before swinging up a club but later left the golf course since ‘the country was at war’. It is ironical because Trump called out Obama for spending so much Time golfing instead of working.

In Trump’s defence, the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer commented that the golf sessions have helped President Trump carry out his mandate. He pointed out how Trump has grown a working relationship with leaders such as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan.  

A proud owner of some of the classiest golf establishment, Trump has awarded himself every reason to love the game. The Trump International in West Palm Beach was rated by Golf Digest as one of the best golf courses he own. Closely followed by the Trump International at Bedminster, New Jersey. He recently attended the U.S Women’s Open at the Bedminster Golf Club amidst protest from women’s rights campaigners. The golf course will host the 2022 PGA championship.

In the UK, Trump owns the Trump Turnberry, which has hosted 4 Open Championships. The Trump International Golf Links at Aberdeen, Scotland is one of the most beautiful courses in the region. The Trump International at Doonberg in Ireland is also one of the remarkable Trump courses. Its designer, Greg Norman commented that it was one of the best golfing property he has ever seen. 


His most remarkable achievement in his effort to own golf clubs was having Tiger Woods design his Trump World Golf Club in Dubai. The President and Tiger Woods played at the club five weeks after Trump was inaugurated.

Owning golf clubs has not been enough for the billionaire turned President. He has spent time and money wooing golf officials to host championships and tournaments at his golf courses. Trump has awarded some golf officials with free memberships at his club and spent so much time talking to them and getting their attention including numerous long phone conversations. His efforts have borne fruit. In May, his Trump National Golf Club at Washington D.C hosted the PGA Senior Championship. His Bedminster, New Jersey club hosted the 2017 Women’s Open. 

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