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USA Presidents And Their Golf Buddies

Even though Golf is trying to shed its image of “the Big Man’s Game”, the tag still persist. Probably because the most powerful men in the world play it. Many US presidents have loved the game and love to be seen playing it. And they are never alone.

George Herbert Walker Bush

The 41st President of the United States is an avid golfer. He was destined to be golfer and politician, following closely in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. His grandfather was the chair of the US Golf Association in 1920. The Walker cup was created during this time. Bush's father, Prescott Bush was also chair of the US Golf Association. He was honorary chairman of the President’s Cup, a title he passed on to his son, President George W. Bush. 

His golfing partners included his son George Bush and his White House staff. The book “I call him Mr. President” discusses President Bush’s golfing stories with the author Ken Raynor. 


Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was an outgoing president. He often made appearances at golf courses. One of his lesser known golf buddies was Kim Jong-Il. In 1994, Clinton played in Pyongyang with Kim Jong Il. Clinton completed 18 holes in less than 40 shots. Clinton has always been known to be obsessed with the size of his handicap. 

Vernon Jordan is another great figure who was often seen teeing off with Bill Clinton. He is a civil rights leader in the United States and was a close adviser to Bill Clinton. He was probably one of the President’s closest friends. In 1980, he was shot but survived. He was often on the golf course with the president and despite his old age, he has still maintained his passion for the game. In 2015, he brought together President Obama and President Clinton for a round of golf on his birthday. 

President Barack Obama

Obama loves golfing with his childhood friends, colleagues and world leaders. 

Whenever he visits Hawaii, he golfs with his friend whom he attended with prep school. They included Bobby Titcomb, Mike Ramos and Greg Orme – all friends he was with at Punahou School. 

Top on the list of “colleagues” is President Obama’s trip organizer, Marvin Nicholson. He has been with the president on at least 100 of the 150 times Obama has gone golfing during his presidency. Obama has also played a lot of times with vice president Joe Biden. Others include chief photographer David Katz, Dr. Eric Whitaker from Chicago and Walter Nicholson, Marvin Nicholson.

World leaders that Obama has played golf with include former President Bill Clinton and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

The unofficial tally of President Obama’s golfing session is 333 times. 

President Donald Trump

President Trump is a special entrant in this list because he owns golf clubs. He loves hanging out with golfers at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club. 

Trump golfs with members of his golf club as well as high profile politicians and celebrities. Trump has played golf with Tiger Woods, President Clinton and NFL player Peyton Manning. 


Other US Presidents who played golf are Dwight Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. 

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