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Why Fans Are Raging After Spieth’s Win

On Thursday Jordan Spieth celebrates his 24th birthday, and the young man has already lived quite a life. 

In honour of his big day, are his coolest accomplishments, the newest and most obvious being his win last weekend at the British Open at Royal Birkdale. He checked off three legs of the career grand slam. Spieth started Sunday's 2017 British Open with a three-shot lead and overcame major struggles to hold off Matt Kuchar. Spieth started the day, with a three-shot lead over Kuchar, six strokes over the rest of the pack. 

With nine holes left, Spieth regained the lead, but another bogey on the ninth gave Kuchar a share of the lead.Kuchar appeared to be ahead through the early part, while Spieth was left to make a great recovery on the 11th to salvage. The 13th is where things really went wrong for Spieth.He drove the ball too far back and way to the right. It was wide off the mark. It took the help of fans to find the ball on that tee shot with Spieth almost opting to declare a swill.


This episode enraged fans as it was potentially the worst gaffe they have seen in a high ranking tournament. A barrage of tweets were sent out illuminating Spieth’s disaster at the range. 

His comeback was unexpected. A setback like that could really take a toll on a golfers psyche. Anything done after such a let-down would have been just digging deeper into the mess. 

In an interview after the round, Spieth admitted that panic and fear had begun to set on him. He said “I was questioning why I couldn't just perform the shots that I was before. And sometimes you just can't really figure it out or put your finger on it... and during the round today I definitely thought while any kind of fear or advantage that you can have in this moment over other individuals, not just Matt Kuchar today, but other people that are watching, that's being taken away by the way that I'm playing right now. And that was really tough to swallow. And that kind of stuff goes into your head. You wish you could, but thoughts creep in.”

For 29 minutes, he had dropped the ball and tried to regain his composure. Tiger Woods failed in a similar way when he was playing Steve Scott in 1996. The difference however is that Tiger Woods was still playing as an amateur. 

In the final round, he played from the practice range, with limited damage which gave him a fantastic seven-foot putt. The unlikely bogey powered an excellent run to end the back nine which propelled him to victory. Golf legends Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods were impressed and commended him for the great work on twitter.

All this young man now needs is the PGA Championship to complete the set. Spieth has before now finished the PGA Championship, at second place in 2015, and there's little doubt he'll win the tournament at some point in the future.

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