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What Is Golf So Addictive?

1. Golf courses are beautiful. 

From sweeping lush green grass to magnificent rows of trees sheltering the towering golf clubs, one cannot help but be mesmerised by the beautiful environment which golf is played in. Taking a walk in a golf course on a bright sunny day is therapeutic. The natural scenery combined with fresh air and incredible views increase elevates the moods of players and spectators alike.  

2. It is a test of character. 

This may not be the chief reason why golf lovers love golf but it should be. The game goes down to affect the egos of the players. There is a temptation to swindle, start again, pick up lies,throw clubs and ultimately quit. Golf improves personal character majorly on aspects of consistency, discipline, etiquette, sportsmanship and camaraderie. 


3. Golf can be played at any age. 

It’s never late to start. Golf is a game for all, whatever your age, background, ability or disability. Besides having fun in the fresh air, playing golf helps you stay fit and look and feel well.  Golf is a great game for all the family and can be played into your twilight years.

Golfers can play alone. This adds to the convenience of the sport. Often, golfers seek the peace and solitude that can only be caught at a golf resort on a quiet Sunday morning or on a weekday afternoon, away from the pressures and demands on work. 

4. Playing golf can bring some impressive health and wellbeing benefits 

Golf acts as a great cardio exercise while also keeping the core and legs in shape. An 18-hole game of golf uses at least 900 calories. Golf gets you outdoors, making it a proven way to help improve mood, stress levels and self-esteem. Your quality of life increases as you make friends during rounds of golf. It is the perfect sport for exercise and conversation which provides a bonding opportunity between golfing buddies and workmates. 

5. There is room for improvement in golf. 

When you are just going through the motions with your trainer, you may not able to get the full value out of your training session. Practicing swings, knocking the ball off the tee and calculating the motion of the ball helps you develop an agile mind. It gets interesting as you watch how the movement of the ball improves with slight changes to your swinging pattern.

6. Playing strengthens your mind and concentration

If you've spent time playing golf, you'll know that, in many ways, your biggest opponent is not another player, but your own mind. The player with the most skill does not always win. Attitude and mental preparedness matters most when it comes to the course. Many golfers admit to using meditation and visualisation regimens to master the game. 

Timothy Gallwey, a prolific golf writer, advocates using mental imagery to improve performance. He believes that the secret to a great game is to picture how the ball will move into the hole before taking a powerful swing. This method can be enhanced by feeling the emotion of the successful shot.

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