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Rory McIlroy Is Optimistic About Future Games

You have to love Rory McIlroy’s attitude. He is not afraid to show the same during his play. He doesn’t blame anybody and he knows he has to step up his game. You can bet he is going to be the next big thing. There is no doubt about his ability only that it needs a little bit of nursing. Rory began showing his talent in golf at the age of 2. His label, “teen protégée” was earned after capturing the European Amateur Championship. 

“I’ve been very light on competitive rounds,” McIlroy stated. “I suppose at this point in time I simply have to be compelled to play.” Even though the first half of 2017 has been terribly dissatisfactory, these last 2 rounds into the summer could do him a lot of good. One reason why McIlroy may be feeling this would be because, no alternative player among the world’s leading cluster have recently commenced a profitable run. Travellers Championship begins a stretch of six events in eight weeks, as well as 2 major championships and one, the America PGA Championship, at the Quail Hollow venue. Should success arrive in his path, the frustrations of the primary part of 2017 will promptly be forgotten, even when we know that McIlroy won't lack focus in respect of defending the FedEx Cup.   “I believe in the additional rounds I will play” he says.

Rory had a bad start to this year with injuries hurting his chances at games. His rib injury was confirmed after Rory complained of back pain during the BMW South Africa Open. In May, he withdrew for the Memorial Tournament because of a rib injury. His last appearance was at the Players Championship in which the injury hindered is moves. Rory hinted that it was mild pain, hoping that he could push through it but he ended up not playing as he wished.

Golfers are often advised to stay away from strenuous activities when they suffer from a hairline fracture of the rib. It is so painful that patients with the fracture dread sneezing or coughing. This injury is caused by muscle pulling on the rib when a golfer swings the club back or when the body stops moving but a club still has momentum after impact with the ball. While this is a common injury among amateur golfers, pro golfers can also get the injury from dramatically overloading their practice routine at the golf course. 

 “I’m optimistic with wherever my game is. Hopefully I’ve got lots of the unhealthy stuff out of my system. And again, it’s simply a matter of obtaining competitive rounds underneath my belt. I’ve got a pleasantrun leading up to the Open Championship. I’ve got a busy summer, therefore I’m excited to play lots of golf. I’m hungry however I’m not planning to force it. I’m planning to let it happen. I’m planning to play. The worst factor I will do is go and force it, the result and that’s not my game.”

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