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Celebrities Who Are Into Golf

Golf is such a great sport that everyone wants to jump into it. We have Fourtune 500 CEOs playing, World Leaders, Politicians, breezy entrepreneurs together with powerful business men playing it. It is no surprise that famous sports personalities, actors, actresses and singers would also jump on the bandwagon. 

From Zac Efron to Morgan Freeman, the number of on screen stars on the golf course is ballooning. 

Former Basketball star Charles Barkley is a common star on the golf scene. He is a common figure at the American Century Championship celebrity event. He is well known for his awkward golf swing which seems to have improved. A while ago, Tiger Wood’s coach, Hank Haney offered to help Charles Barkley with his golf swing. Barkley seems to enjoy the game for its entertainment value more than the competition. He has tried so hard to improve his golfing skills. Barkely, in an interview with Golf Digest spoke about how he was getting help with his game He reads a lot of material on golf and watches so much Golf Channel now in addition to buying so many golf contraptions. 

Snoop Dogg is another celebrity who has taken to golfing on his free time. He made an appearance at the Augusta University in April 2017 to learn the game. He looks up to Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. He admits that it has been difficult to start off golfing as it is a game that requires “real coordination and real timing”. All the same, he is serious about improving his game. His greatest wish is that the game will attract some “cooler vibes”


Celine Dion is so passionate about the game that she owns her own golf course, Le Mirage in Canada. She has a handicap of 17. 

Mark Wahlberg is also great at golf. He has a handicap of 7. There are reports that the action movie star can do 18 rounds in an hour. That is a really fast game. He has shared images of himself working on his golfing even during winter. His secret to improving his golf game is to take at least 100 swings in a day. 

Justin Timberlake has a 6 handicap. He learnt golf as an opportunity to bond with his father and the game stuck on him since. He relates golf to music by identifying rhythm and patterns in the game which is a concept that found in music. He has been spotted playing rounds with Jessica Biel, who is also an avid golfer. Justin Timberlake regularly attends the American Century Championship which he recently attended with basketball star Steph Curry. With his father, He bought the golf course he first learnt to play in when it was about to be transformed to a housing project. 

Actor Samuel L Jackson also loves to tee off. He has called golf “the perfect game”. Recently, he had a feud with the now US President, Donald Trump when the actor accused Trump of making Jackson a member of one of his golf clubs without his knowledge and charging him. Samuel L Jackson has also played with Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer and former President Bill Clinton

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