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Is Tiger Woods Having A Hard Time Returning?

Retired golfer Jack Nicklas cannot bet on Tiger Woods’ return as a professional golfer. 

The gravity of this statement was seen when the CEO of Tiger Woods Foundation said that he will not be attending the Quicken Loans National tournament which benefits his foundation. Nicklaus who barely misses any of Tiger’s golf charity events noticed this.

Woods explained his expected absence by saying that he was still on medication and talking to his doctor about dealing with his sleep disorder.

Woods in the recent past has been charged with driving under the influence (D.U.I). He was arrested on May 29th 2017 on suspicion of D.U.I after he was purportedly found asleep behind the wheel. No traces of alcohol were found in his system. Instead, he had a mix of prescription drugs in him. 

Further, he underwent a spinal fusion surgery on his back in April which happens to be his fourth procedure. Tiger Woods, 41, is currently receiving in-patient treatment to help manage medications as he deals with his back as well as his sleep disorders. “My surgeon and physiotherapist say the operation was successful. It is just a matter of not screwing up and letting it fuse” Tiger Woods wrote on his website. 


This is Tiger’s fourth back operation since 2014. Tiger has been unable to play in the Quicken Loans National for quite some time with only two appearances as a player since 2012. All the other times he would be present as the charity event’s host. 

Golf “gods” like Davis Love III, Lee Trevino and Dudley Hart have all come back to play and unequivocally therefore Woods might coming back to compete. 

“He’ll have a hard time.”says Nicklaus at a charity tournament that raised more $1 Million dollars. Nicklaus terms Tiger’s problems as life problems rather than golf problems. Nicklaus is even more sceptical because of Wood’s numerous surgeries. Woods however will not be solely defined by his golf competitions, his legacy goes beyond titles. The Quicken Loans Nationals, that Woods will be missing, benefits low income students in the Tiger Woods Foundation’s college. Nicklaus acknowledges that the impact that the Tiger Woods Foundation plays is far more than the results Woods has on the PGA tour. 

Golf, unlike team sports has no solid restrictions on when a player’s career is over. Many legends such as Jack Niklaus have played in events well past their retirement. This is the biggest factor that makes pundits consider Tiger’s return a great possibility. However, whether he will still be able to perform as a competitive golfer is in doubt.

Tiger Woods has long been the admiration of fans and golfers alike. He is known to have a strong work ethic on the course. In fact his devotion to the sport might have led to his current situation. Tiger has swung his club so many times and in most occasions, with great force. All the same, it would be nice to see the legend at the top of his game once more. 

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