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News From The Women’s Open In New Jersey

1. President Trump attended the event

President Donald Trump attended the U.S Women’s Open at the Trump National Bedminster Gold Club, making him the first U.S President to ever do so. It is the most celebrated women’s event in golf. His presence did not deter the games nonetheless. 

Earlier, tournament organizers had built a glass-enclosed skybox for the president despite the president’s team not having confirmed the president’s attendance. 

Some women’s rights defenders wanted the tournament to be moved elsewhere but the organizers were undeterred. The golf course had been selected in 2012 before Trump ran for president. Emma BoorBoor, the campaign director of UltraViolet, said that is was “ideally wrong to support Trump’s golf course financially” but that they would do what they can to support the golfers since they had been put in a “tough enough position by playing in that golf course.”. The group did a silent protest by dressing in purple t shirts with anti-Trump slogans on them.


There were lots of cheers as his recognizable procession arrived at the entrance on Lamington road. The procession drove through the centre of the course, past the club and into some private residences away from the course. 

Trumps intended visit had been a subject of a lot of discussion all week. However, most golf officials chose not to discuss politics ahead of the games. 

Some tour player feared that the president’s presence will shift attention from the games. Media interest would be diverted an inadequate coverage would be done at the game, some players thought. Other tour players agreed that it was a good gesture from the president as it would go on to draw attention to women’s golf. 

2. Park Syung-Hyun won the tournament

Park Syung-Hyun won despite the tough competition from Michelle Wie and Jodi Ewart Shadoff. 

By the 9th round, Wie was ahead with six birdies. However, Kim had not started her round. 

The American had started off well with a birdie and made a par at every hole. On the eighth, she made a birdie again. Kim pushed hard from her start but Wie would still be in the lead for a few more holes. 


Wie slowed her lead on the 9th hole after dropping her first shot. She recovered on the 12th with a birdie.

Ewart Shadoff was three shots ahead of Wie at the end. Kim surged in the final four holes, leading her to the win. This was Kim’s first ever title. 

The tournament had a very low note for the Americans, it being the first time in 72 years that no American had finished at the top 10. South Korea made a strong appearance at the tournament with 9 of the top 14 finalists being South Koreans. 

3. Group action numbers were not accessible. 

As per Janeen Driscoll, PR director of the US Golf Association, there wouldn’t be any group action scanners. 

The reason was that the tag machine scanners were down on Saturday. 

The Trump National Golf club is set to host the 2022 PGA championship. 

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