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Why You Should Be A Golfer

Golf is not dying. And its influence is undeniable. More than half of Fortune 500 CEOs are golfers. A good number of sports stars, movie stars and entrepreneurs are golfers. Joining this list are the top career professionals in fields such as law, investment banking, medicine and many others. Bottom-line: Golf is king. Why is it so?

Perfect way to unwind

Golf is the perfect way to unwind. It presents a relaxed atmosphere where work and play can take place. It is common to see young and old professionals exchange cards after a spirited round of golf. I do not have to add these exchanges provide the much sought opportunity to climb the corporate ladder for many junior executives. 

The quiet moment’s one experience in between shots is very rejuvenating. Often, golfers make important realizations in these moments. It is hard to find time for deep and constructive reflection in a day at the office. A round of golf is the getaway that most people need. 

Quiet, relaxing atmosphere

The natural surroundings at a golf course provide the perfect hide away. There are no distractions unlike in hotels where you may bump into an over friendly acquaintance (or a fan depending on your stardom), who is bound to waste your time. Most people you meet at the golf club have strict agendas and abide by golf club etiquette. This makes the place predictably conducive. 

Opportunity to learn your business contact’s personality

Golf is an opportunity to learn your future business contacts’ personalities. Golf is a game that is shrouded in rules and any self-respecting golfer will abide by them. A person who flouts the rules is sticks out and is avoided because that predicts how they behave generally. Throwing temper tantrums and behaving angrily can also make one a social pariah at the course. 

Social life on the go!

Your life should not be on hold when you travel for business. You can pop into the nearest golf club to your location and make new friends over a round. Social media has enhanced relationships to the extent that you are able to locate people with similar interests to you in your area. Why don’t you go ahead and give it a try. Keep having a social life thanks to your shared interest, backed by the power of social media.

Easy gift giving

It is easy to buy gifts for a golfer because chances are that they are obsessed with the game. You may need to buy an inexpensive golf book or a nice hat for the course to enhance your relationship.

A game for a lifetime

Once you are a golfer, you will always be a golfer. There are no age limits to this game. And performance does not easily deteriorate with age. There are members at a golf club who are known to have been regulars for decades and they seem as agile as they were years ago. The health benefits of a long walk down the course followed by strong swings can lengthen life and fight off aging. 

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